Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance that interrupts your outdoor activities — mosquitoes are a real hazard to the health of your family and pets. Mosquitoes spread life-threatening diseases including West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and encephalitis.

Count on Bayou Mosquito & Pest Control Management, LLC to protect your family from mosquitoes. Bayou Mosquito & Pest Control Management, LLC is uniquely licensed to treat mosquitoes in Louisiana. Most other companies who claim to be licensed in mosquito abatement actually only hold a general pest control license. Our specialized knowledge means that we can treat your property more effectively and more extensively than other pest control companies.

Treatment Plans

Mosquitoes aggressively breed and multiply. In just four days, one mosquito can turn into as many as 400 mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes love swampy conditions. If your yard is wet or has any standing puddles of water, you are at an increased risk for a mosquito infestation.

Bayou Mosquito & Pest Control Management, LLC addresses adult mosquitoes and larval/egg mosquitoes, to drastically reduce mosquitoes in your yard. Our technicians inspect your property to identify mosquito breeding areas. We will provide granule treatment for those sites that are best treated with larvicides, and we apply a mist to the perimeter and foundation of your home, and treat mosquito landing sites in order to reduce adult mosquitoes.

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